April 27th, 2009
Today, 27 April, in the Yasamal District Court, under the Chairmanship of Judge Sudabe Mammedova, a hearing was scheduled to be held on the special lawsuit of Azerbaijan International University (AIU) Director Elshad Abdullayev against "Tezadlar" Newspaper Chief Editor Asif Merzili and freelance journalist Zumrud Mammadova for defamation under articles 147 and 148 of the Criminal Code. 

The hearing was postponed until 5 May at 2:00 p.m. because the plaintiff did not take part in the hearing.
"Tezadlar" Newspaper Chief Editor Asif Merzili was imprisoned for one year on the basis of a lawsuit filed by AIU Director Elshad Abdullayev under articles 147.2 and 148 (libel and causing damage to honor and dignity) of the Criminal Code. The lawsuit stems from the article entitled “Is Mahir Abdullayev in Baku?” published in the 19-26 2008 edition of the newspaper and series of articles related to this topic. In the lawsuit, E. Abdullayev sought the closure of “Tezadlar” Newspaper, the arrest of both journalists and the institution of a 30,000 AZN fine against both journalists for moral damages.