January 21st, 2009
Today, 21 January, in the Yasamal District Court, under the chairmanship of Judge Matanat Hajiyeva, a preliminary hearing was held on the special lawsuit of Maleyka Asadova and Emil Jarchiyev against the assistant editor-in chief of “Korrupsiya ve Jamiyyat” Journal Mubariz Masimoglu.

Plaintiff Maleyka Asadova and defendant, assistant editor-in chief of “Korrupsiya ve Jamiyyat” Journal Mubariz Masimoglu participated in the hearing. Although the hearing was open, taking into consideration Maleyka Asadova’s request, the judge did not permit the journalists into the court hall.
The judge decided to postpone the hearing until 28 January 11:00 a.m. stating that the defendant’s lawyer did not participate in the hearing.
According to Mubariz Masimoglu, the lawsuit has been filed on the order of the Yasamal District Police Department Chief Mohubbet Huseynov. The journalist claims that he was not informed that an investigation was carried out and the case was sent to the court.
This lawsuit stems from a dispute which happened on a public bus between assistant editor-in chief of “Korrupsiya ve Jamiyyat” Jurnal Mubariz Masimoglu and Maleyka Asadova (note: this is not Azerbaijan’s Popular Artist Maleyka Asadova) and Emil Jarchiyev in August of 2008.