September 27th, 2011
Today, Yasamal District Court held a preliminary hearing on the lawsuit filed by a group of youth organizations against Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (ITV) for its failure to respond to their appeal appeal.

The judge Matanat Hajiyeva presided over the hearing.
Of the plaintiff side, Rail Abbasov, and Rasul Jafarov`s representative Gunay Ismayilova attended the hearing, while the defendant side was represented by Tahir Mammadov, Public Relations manager Public TV.
The plaintiffs defended their lawsuit and requested the court to grant the lawsuit.
Defendant side representative Mammadov requested the court not to grant the lawsuit, saying there was no concrete adress in the appeal to send a response letter.  Ismayilova denied the claim saying the letter had the address of the sender on it.
The judge M.Hajiyeva offered ITV representative to present written answer for the appeal in the hearing. The judge scheduled the next hearing for 17 September, at 4 pm.
On 20 may, 2011 a group of youth organizations appealed to the General Director of Public TV and Radio Broadcasting Company Ismayil Omarov requesting to prepare a video footage or a program reflecting their opinion about the recent arrests of the youth activists on ungrounded and false charges in Azerbaijan; or  allocate airtime for them to speak about the said issue.  However, due to the lack of any response to the appeal, the youths went to Yasamal District Court to sue ITV.