February 8th, 2011
Today the Yasamal District Court heard the next stage of a lawsuit brought by human rights defender Rasul Jafarov against Azerpochtexpress. Judge Fuad Talishinsky presided over the hearing.

Jafarov, the 2010 Fellow of the International Bridge of Justice group, was unable to travel to Singapore for an International Bridge of Justice conference because the postal service lost his visa documents. Because Singapore does not have an embassy in Azerbaijan, Jafarov was required to submit his documents to the Singaporean embassy in Geneva, but the Azerpochtexpress Communications Office lost his documents.
In attendance at today’s hearing were Jafarov’s lawyer Yasar Agazadeh, Azerpochtexpress representative Bahram Safarov, and Mukhtar Mustafayev from Turkish Airlines representative.
Turkish Airlines became involved in the lawsuit after a motion put forward by Jafarov, made in response to Azerpocht’s claim that the documents had been lost by Turkish Airlines.

Jafarov’s lawyer filed a motion to withdraw the lawsuit, as they were going to take the case to the administrative court. The defending side objected to the motion and deemed it a waste of everyone’s time.
The Judge rejected the motion, and scheduled the next hearing for February 18.