March 7th, 2009
On 5 March, in the yard of School #54, where polling stations 6 and 7 of Nasimi District Election Constituency #21 are located, representatives of “Respublikachilar” Initiative Group were harassed as they attempted to hang referendum-related placards on specially designated boards.

“As we were about to hang propaganda placards regarding the referendum, unknown people approached and told us this was not allowed,” said “Respublikachilar” Initiative Group Zakir Khalilov told Turan News Agency. “Javid Hajibeyli, a young activist from our group, explained that the placards being hung legally. In response to this, they began beating him.”
According to Khalilov, the people who attached Hajibeyli were students studying in the upper grades, as well as School #54’s economic director and a member of Election Commission member named Murad from polling station #6.  Khalilov added that a representative from Nasimi District Election Constituency #21 who came to the scene of this incident confirmed that the “Respublikachilar” Initiative Group was acting within the framework of the law.
“Respublikachilar” Initiative Group has filed a complaint with the Nasimi District Police about this incident.
Turan News Agency attempted to contact the director of School #54, but their correspondent told that he was in a meeting.
A referendum on proposed to changes to Azerbaijan’s Constitution will be conducted on 18 March.