August 13th, 2011
The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety strongly condemns the violence against journalists during the destruction of the Institute for Peace and Democracy office on 38 Sh.Badalbayli street on August 11 evening.

Specifically,Yusif Gambarov of the Azerbaijan State Property Committee, who was overseeing the demolition work,  behaved aggressively towards journalists.  He shoved and verbally insulted Turkhan Karimov of Azadlig Radio, while he was carrying out his professional duty. Gambarov physically prevented Idrak Abbasov of Ayna-Zerkalo  newspapers and IRFS from filming in the area, and attempted to confiscate his Nikon D-700 camera, owned by IRFS. Abbasov’s right arm was injured during the altercation.  The journalist officially appealed to the police at once; he also passed a forensic examination today.
IRFS calls on Azerbaijani government to take measures on the latest violence against the journalists; launch criminal case against the person, who hindered professional duty of the journalists, under Article 163 of Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.