June 5th, 2009
Today, 5 June, “International Students Cooperation” Public Union (ISCPU) unveiled its monthly report for the “Education News” Project during a press conference conducted in the Press Center of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety. 

ISCPU Head Elnur Mammadov said that among fifteen universities within the project like in April most law violations occurred at Azerbaijan Beynelkhalg (International) University in May followed by Azerbaijan State Economic University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku State University, Baku Eurasia University, Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Odlar Yurdu University, Azerbaijan Technical University, and Tafakkur University. No law violations have been registered in the other five universities in May – Gafgaz University, Garb University, Khazar University, Azerbaijan University of Languages and Baku Asia University.
E.Mammadov emphasized that the report will be sent to the Ministry of Education, and in the near future a meeting will be held at the Ministry of Education in connection with this. “We appealed to be represented in the Commission established by the Ministry of Education to oversee state exams at universities participating in the project,” added Mammadov. “If we receive approval, we will have better opportunities to watch over the developments.”
Students taking part in the event talked about law violations at universities.
The “Education News” Project is being carried out with support from the US Embassy.
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