Today (30 June) the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety (IRFS) addressed another appeal to the president Ilham Aliyev about the creation of a monument to slain "Monitor" magazine Editor-in-chief Elmar Huseynov on Matbuat (Press) Prospect in Baku.

The appeal was sent again, after a reply letter was received from the Culture and Tourism Ministry to IRFS stated that only the presidential administration is authorized to make a decision on this matter.

“We note that according to the existing legislation, the creation of the monuments in Azerbaijan is conducted on the basis of the decrees and orders issued on the government level,” it is written in the reply letter. “When relevant decrees and orders are issued, central and local executive organs are informed about the locations of the monuments and tasked to ensure the execution of the work.”
Last year in August IRFS appealed to Baku Executive Administration about the creation of the monument. In the reply letter it was noted that this could be fulfilled after a decision is made on the governmental level. Taking the reply letter into consideration, IRFS appealed to the president twice, once on behalf of the organization, and once on behalf of civil society representatives through a signature gathering campaign.   After our last appeal, IRFS was contacted by the Yasamal District Executive Administration and was informed that the appeal it sent to the president was under consideration. After some time a reply letter from the executive power stating that the issue of creating the monument is not in their power, and the organization had to appeal to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

In the appeal addressed to the president today, IRFS requested that its previous appeals to the president on this issue be fulfilled, and that instructions be issued for the creation of a monument to Elmar Huseynov on Matbuat Prospect in Baku city. 

"Monitor" magazine Editor-in-chief Elmar Huseynov was shot to death in front of his apartment on 2 March 2005. To date the murderers and people who ordered his murder have not been brought to responsibility.

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