January 15th, 2009
Group I invalid Huseynov Ismayil Suleyman oglu, who was placed in psychiatric hospital because he signed a complaint against police arbitrariness, and his family have been located. After he was let out of the psychiatric hospital, he was sent to Baku City forcefully with his son, who resides in Baku. His wife Khanimzar Huseynova and his son Elvin Hasanov have been sentenced to house arrest. E.Hasanov’s cell phone has been taken from him and their home phone has been disconnected.

They are under police supervision. Hasanovs are banned from leaving home or contacting anyone. K. Huseynova’s brother Maharram Ismayilov told this to the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety.

This incident appears to be related to the 24 December 2008 incident in which a group of youth were detained by the Sadarak Region Police and held in the police station until morning. During their time of detainment, the youth were subjected to physical, moral and psychological pressure and their parents subsequently addressed formal written complaints to the Azerbaijan Republic's Ministry of Interior and Republic of Azerbaijan President. Parents Ibrahim and Turkan Valiyev were among the parents who signed these complaints. They were taken to the Sadarak Police Department on 12 January. At present there's no information about them.