August 14th, 2008
Today (14 August), in the Sabail District Court, a court hearing on the lawsuit filed by imprisoned "Azadlig" Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Ganimat Zahid regarding the manuscripts of a book he was writing took place. Judge Famil Nasibov chaired the hearing.

One of G. Zahid’s representatives, Fariz Namazov ,talked during the hearing and filed a motion for prisoners who are held in the same cell as Zahid, his wife Ayanda Mursaliyeva, “Azadlig” newspaper director Azer Ahmadov and Bayil Prison Head Misir Aliyev to testify as witnesses. The judge partially fulfilled the motion. Zahid’s wife A. Mursaliyeva and “Azadlig” Newspaper director Azer Ahmadov testified.
Mursaliyeva said that there’s nothing against the government in the manuscripts and the manuscripts discuss socio-political issues in Azerbaijan.
“Azadlig” Newspaper director Azer Ahmadov said that he talked to G. Zahid about general subject of the manuscripts and they discussed socio-political issues in Azerbaijan since 1991. He added that it is illegal to destroy the manuscripts.
Zahid’s lawyer Elchin Sadigov questioned whether the manuscripts had been destroyed and the representative of the opposite side A. Mammadov presented statement reflecting the destruction of the manuscripts to Sadigov.  However, the copy of the statement was not ratified, therefore Sadigov asked for a ratified copy. Then Sadigov told the judge about material and moral damages G. Zahid should receive due to the destruction of the manuscripts. “According to international and local legislation, manuscripts are considered intellectual property and cannot be destroyed. That is why I am asking you to ensure compensation for material and moral damages caused to G. Zahid,” Sadigov said.
The representative of the opposite side, A. Mammadov, asked for some time to familiarize himself with the case and the next hearing has been scheduled to take place on 27 August at 3:00 pm.
E.Sadigov told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that he presented a lawsuit to the court regarding compensation for moral and material damages G. Zahid sustained as a result of the destruction of the manuscripts and that lawsuit is considered together with the first lawsuit filed regarding the manuscripts.  Recall that in the first lawsuit it was demanded that the taking away of the manuscripts be considered illegal and that the manuscripts be returned.