August 3rd, 2011
 Imprisoned youth Bakhtiyar Hajiyev sent a letter to APFP Youth Committee coordinator Jabbbar Savalanli several days ago, to which Savalanli has now replied, according to Azadlig newspaper.

Savalanli writes in his letter that the current regime believes that they can change our beliefs by arresting us. They are wrong. What the regime doesn’t understand that they cannot truly deprive of us of our freedom; freedom is in our minds, and in our beliefs.

Prison is place where there are people who are guilty and innocent, hopeless and hopeful. Prison is a chaos of strange humanity. We must hold onto our most sacred beliefs so that we do not lose our way. This is possible, if we keep fighting. I hope that one day I will live in an Azerbaijan where the light of freedom shines, and that I will released from prison soon.

Youth activist Bakhtiyar Hajiyev was charged with evading military service and sentenced to two years in prison, while APFP Youth Committee member Jabbar Savalnali was charged with drug possession and sent to jail for 2.5 years.

Local and international human rights organizations believe that their arrest is related to their political activity.