October 27th, 2010
Today, 26 October, the Khazar District Court did not fulfill the appeals of Yeni Musavat newspaper employee Elmin Bedelov and Milli Yol newspaper correspondent Anar Aliyev. They were appealing the Court’s refusal to open a criminal case against the Khazar District Police Office. Judge Jeyhun Gadimov chaired the hearing. Elmin Bedelov`s representative Fariz Namazli gave information to the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety about it.

Fariz Namazli said that he considered the decision groundless and he will file an annulment complaint against this decision.
On July 28th, journalists Elmin Bedelov and Anar Garayli were physically assaulted while preparing a report on the luxury estates in Mardakan. A camera belonging to Yeni Musavat newspaper was damaged. The journalists said that when they tried to take photos of a villa said to belong to Ziya Mammadov, they were beaten by guards.  The journalists were released after being detained for 3 hours. The photos were deleted and the memory card was broken. The journalists subsequently lodged a complaint with Khazar District Police Department #1. On August 2nd, the complaint was transferred to the investigations department of Khazar District Police Office for investigation.
The Court refused to open a lawsuit against the Police Department. The journalists appealed against this decision, on the grounds that their case had  not been properly investigated. They also requested an investigation of of the July 28th incident.
The prosecution claimed that the journalists were not physically assaulted. The defendants argued that it was unacceptable to subject journalists to physical assault while they were doing their job.