April 22nd, 2011
Journalist Afghan Mukhtarli’s relatives contacted the Yeni Musavat daily saying the police had attacked their houses, Yeni Musavat reports.

According to the report, two police officers and the Asagi Tala village Executive Officer first visited the house of the journalist, Ramazan Mukhtarli. They required him not to hide his brother and to hand him over to the police. Later they went to his father’s home and threaten him. They told him that Afghan Mukhtarli has been banned from entering Zagatala, and that he would be arrested as soon as he enters the region. The police said that the said instruction was made by the Interior Ministry. As a result the journalist’s father had a heart attack.
Mukhtarli told Yeni Musavat that he received a phone call from the Interior Ministry Internal Investigation Office expert yesterday.
IRFS was unable to contact Afghan Mukhtarli, despite multiple phone calls.
Afghan Mukhtarli was arrested at 17 April rally of opposition, detained in the Sabail District Police Office for a day and set free by the court later.