Journalist Anar Abdullayev detained

Freelance journalist and social activist Anar Abdullayev was detained by the police the day before.

As his colleague Mina Alyarly told Turan, on October 5, police officers came to the journalist’s house twice demanding from him to come to the Narimanov district police department. At that time, Abdullayev was not at home.

At 16.00, he went to the Narimanov district police department leaving the phone with his loved ones.

After a while, they called him on his mobile phone and demanded from his relatives to bring the phone to the 18th police station. He himself was also taken to this department.

“The police told us that Anar was charged with committing administrative offenses under Articles 535.1 (disobeying the police) and 510 (petty hooliganism). However, we believe that all these are far-fetched and politically motivated accusations. Anar himself came to the police, how could he not obey?”, – said Aliarli.

Relatives believe that Abdullayev was detained because of criticism of the authorities on social networks.

“Anar is currently interrogated, and without a lawyer. Perhaps he is being tortured,” Alyarly said.

Abdullayev is expected to appear in court today.

Note that Abdullayev has repeatedly been detained before during the coverage of protest actions.

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