December 29th, 2007
Today both “Ayna-Zerkalo” Newspaper correspondent and IRFS cofounder Idrak Abbasov was crashed by “QAZ-31” car in the crossing of Dilara Aliyeva and Bul-Bul streets.

During the accident the driver getting off the car began to insult and even beat I.Abbasov. After the people’s interference in the conflict who were around, the driver got in his car and left the scene. Not knowing the real reason of the accident (whether it was by chance or planned) I.Abbasov filed a complaint to the Nasimi District Police Department #22. According the complaint, the journalist was sent to Court-Medical Assessment. The result of the assessment will be revealed within the next few days. Idrak Abbasov himself told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety.