August 17th, 2010

Yeni Musavat newspaper reporter Elmin Bedelov told the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety that he is being harassed. According to Elmin Bedelov,

several days ago, people who introduced themselves as police employees arrived at his house in Bilesuvar where he has his registration and tried to obtain information about him. Bedelov said that these civilian clothed people did not present his family members any official documents and added that he believes that this problem is related to his journalistic work. He also said that he was subjected to physical harassment while preparing a reportage about the rich in Shuvalan on the 28th of July.


“I wanted to call Bilesuvar District Police Office Deputy Chief on Service Alim Seferov to learn about the issue. Seferov was rude to me and said “don’t call me.” He did not give any information regarding the essence of the problem. I feel that this issue is dangerous. I will give information to the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the issue,” said E.Bedelov adding that after articles about the incident were published in newspapers, the same people told his brother that this was a misunderstanding.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs Press Service Employee Ehsan Zahidov told Radio Liberty that police visits to houses in Bilesuvar is related to the parliamentary elections and police are investigating whether citiziens` identification cards are all right. “These are measures for the citizens who should receive identification card (passport). Police did not just go  Bedelov`s family but also the citizens` houses in all the regions. They are talking with them regarding putting in order their identification card till elections,” emphasized Zahidov.   




On 28 July, journalists Elmin Bedelov and Anar Garayli were subjected to physical harassment while they were preparing reportage about the rich in Shuvalan. Bedelov and Garayli said that when they wanted to take photos of the villa that was said to belong to Ziya Mammadov, they were beaten by guards.