October 20th, 2010
Implus newspaper employee Jafar Talibov was subjected to harassment in Absheron region, Jafar Talibov told IRFS on October 20th.

Jafar Talibov said that he wanted to record the confrontation between parents and the guards at the school #1 in Khirdalan region. After a few minutes, Absheron Regional Executive Administration Officer Fikrat Novruzov attacked him and grabbed his Dictaphone, and ordered the plain-clothed National Security Ministry (NSM) officers to take him to Masazir settlement by car and leave him there.  
Jafar Talibov noted that he has been detained in the car for a half an hour. A confrontation between parents and guards continued during this time, but the journalist could not carry out his work. The NSM employees used physical force against him to restrain him. They also forced the protesting parents to vacate the scene.
As a result of  the journalist’s protest, the NSM employees did not take him to Masazir. About 30 minutes later, Talibov was set free. The journalist’s professional identification card and dictaphone were given back to him; however, the tape that contained the recording was removed from the dictaphone. In a response to the journalist’s request for the tape, Officer Fikrat Novruzov slighted his journalistic activity by saying that there was no tape in the dictaphone.