February 16th, 2009
According to a decision of the Binagadi District Court, "Yeni Musavat" Newspaper employee Afgan Mukhtarli has been fined 250 AZN. Mukhtarli told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety.

According to Mukhtarli, he never received any invitation to a court hearing in connection with the lawsuit that this fine stems from. He only learned about this issue when he received a notice that he had to pay the fine.
A. Mukhtarli said that the lawsuit stems from an article entitled “Ali Ahmadov’s Name in the Basement Scandal,” which was published in “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper on 6 April 2008. In the article, “Yeni Azerbaijan” Party Press Service Head Huseyn Pashayev’s comments about the discovery of a brothel in the basement of Irada Mammadova, who lives in the Narimanov District, Garadag st. 35 were published.  As a result, I. Mammadova filed a lawsuit against Mukhtarli in the Binagadi District Court claiming that her honor and dignity were damaged.

IRFS tried to contact the Binagadi District Court in connection with this issue, but the organization was told that no senior official available to give information on this case.