Today, the house belonging to IRFS employee Idrak Abbasov’s parents and brothers was unexpectedly attacked and destroyed.

The incident happened in Sulutapa settlement on the outskirts of Baku at 11 am.
 “A group of persons in black entered the yard and began to beat the my parents and others in my family without giving any reason. The gate and the fence were destroyed with an excavator. The house was demolished with all housing things in it,” said Idrak Abbasov at a press conference at IRFS today.
In addition to his parents, the journalist’s brother, his spouse and their children were beaten as well. “My father Telman Abbasov is suffering from diabetes. As a result of the incident, he fell into coma and has been hospitalized in a clinical hospital #4. My mother Naima Guliyeva and brother Adalat Abbasov was seriously injured and taken to Clinical Center #1. Worried about the doctors’ indifferent attitude towards the patients,  the other two brothers raised a fuss, therefore they were subjected to pressure by the security service of the hospital.  The guards called the police. The brothers were taken to the police station #20.  Naima Guliyeva and Adalat Abbasov were placed in resuscitation department of the hospital.  Both of them received traumatic brain injury,” said Idrak Abbasov.
According to him, the people in black clothes broke into the house without warning. They did not trouble the neighbors. The attackers claimed that the house was built illegally. "If it is the case, why it is standing for more than 25 years? We do not have relevant documentation for the house. Nonetheless, at least they could have warned us," said Idrak Abbasov.  
"I do not know if my father will come out of the coma,  and if my brother and mother will live. My brothers were sent for forensic examination. This makes me calm down a bit, that is, they can admit them as victims and not guilty," said Abbasov.
He also said that the attackers, according to his information, were the members  of some special group of "Binagadi Oil Company."
"I appeal to the president of the country, who is a guarantor of the rights of his citizens,  with request  to put an end to this arbitrariness. If nobody in my country can protect me, then whom shall I appeal? Why doesn’t the state guarantee the safety and lives of its citizens?, " Abbasov said and  added that he  had appealed  to the Binagadi district police station 40.

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