October 29th, 2010
Sharur Constituency Election Commission Chairman # 1 Asef Musayev ordered the Precinct Election Commissions (PEC) to bar local journalists from entering election commissions. That’s why the IRFS Nakhchivan correspondent, also a Yeni Musavat employee, was unable to produce a news report on the elections yesterday.

“When I tried to enter the election station to see the electoral register, they stopped me. They told me that I could not enter the election precinct. I produced my ID card, and they said that they knew exactly who I was, and that the Constituency chairman had ordered them to keep me out of the election precinct. They demanded that I leave immediately. I reminded them of Article 43 of the Electoral Code and explained that refusing to allow journalists into election precincts is a violation of this Article. Nonetheless, they became rude, and forced me to leave area,” said Mehdiyev.
Another IRFS correspondent phoned Sharur-Sadarak Election Constituency #1 Chairman Asaf Aliyev. “Mehdiyev has no right to enter the election precinct. He should register with CEC,” said Musayev. Although the correspondent reminded him that Mehdiyev is a journalist and that the Election Code does not require that media representatives register with the CEC, Musayev insisted that the journalists would not be admitted to polling stations if they were unregistered.
The IRFS correspondent contacted the CEC to investigate the issue. He was told that journalists are not required to register.