Journalist Parviz Hashimli to launch hunger strike over unbearable detention conditions


On November 21st the lawyer of arrested journalist Parviz Hashimli, Elchin Sadigov met him in the detention center of the Ministry of National Security, where the journalist is held. Sadigov provided the details of the meeting to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety today.

According to the lawyer, the journalist’s health has alarmingly declined and conditions of his detention are equal to torture and degrading treatment.

“This is how they want to make him sick of life, hopeless and helpless. He does not eat what they give him fearing threat to his life.  He felt very feeble. He told me that he will write a letter to the detention center’s chief and start hunger strike next week. He will demand permission to meet his family, his transference to Interior Ministry’s Baku detention center to ensure that he is held in non-dangerous and non-degrading conditions, enabling him to practice his right to defence and delivery of his complaint letters to relevant government agencies and courts” said the lawyer.

The lawyer said that after the meeting the notes he had taken down during the meeting was forcibly taken from him and photocopied

Background: Bizim Yol newspaper journalist and editor-in-chief Parviz Hashimli was detained on September 17th by employees of the Ministry of National Security. On September 18 the journalist was handed down a two-month pretrial detention sentence by the Sabail District Court under two articles of the Azerbaijani Criminal Code: Article 206.3.2 (smuggling of firearms on preliminary arrangement by an organized group) and 228.2.1 (illegal obtaining, storing, carrying firearms and their spare parts on preliminary arrangement by an organized group).

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