Journalist reporting on military affairs is threatened

Director of the “Doctrine” Journalists’ Military Research Center, Jasur Sumarinli is being threatened, the journalist himself informed the IRFS on August 22. According to Sumarinli, he yesterday received a message saying that the information, analytical pieces and opinions that he writes have given rise to concerns at high echelons  of government.

“I was told that my recent analytical articles about the military-technical cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia were met by dissatisfaction of Azerbaijani authorities and also the military-political elite of Russia have expressed their objection to Baku over this issue. As if by writing these articles I wanted to undermine the future military-technical cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia, and it creates a risk of violation of the agreed documents in the relevant sphere, and the people who passed on this message to me said that the Azerbaijani authorities believe those who provide me with information are from Western circles.  The message also urged me to stop writing this kind of articles and researches or making them public. They also assured that the authorities are ready to “award”me if I do what they want” said Sumarinli and called on media organizations and NGOs to stand up for him.


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