April 25th, 2008
Yesterday night a “VAZ-2107” vehicle belonging to military journalist Uzeyir Jafarov, also known for working at the now shuttered “Gundalik Azerbayjan” Newspaper, was set on fire.

Jafarov told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety, “The incident occurred in the yard of the building I live in, in Baku city’s micro-district #6. They lit a glass container filled with petrol under my vehicle’s petrol tank.” According to Jafarov, this was done to cause the vehicle to explode, however by some luck the fire went out and there was no explosion. Still the vehicle did sustain damages; the right rear tire and wheel well were burnt and the brake system completely ruined. It is currently being repaired.

Jafarov appealed to police this morning and an operative group from Binegedi District Police Department #7 came to the scene. In their turn, they invited fire experts from the Ministry for Emergency Situations who assessed the damage to the car, before it was sent for repairs.  
Jafarov said that he believes this incident is connected with his work as a journalist. “Three days ago I gave a statement about a military prisoner. I said generals are inattentive; they don’t know when soldiers are taken prisoner. In addition to this, I write a column in ‘24 Saat’ Newspaper. I give statements to opposition newspapers. I am a journalist, and I only have this profession. I don’t have any hostilities, any adversarial relations with anyone. Therefore, I believe that this is the latest provocation related to my work as a journalist. They try to silence me, and make me afraid. However this is pointless. I expect anything.”