Journalist Vafa Nagi dissatisfied with court decision

September 5th, 2012

On September 5, Yasamal District Court chaired by judge Abbas Rzayev held a hearing on the suit brought by journalist Vafa Nagi against individual Samir Mustafayev for physical assault, under Article 221 (hooliganism).

Plaintiff Vafa Nagi, her representative Khalid Bagirov, defendant Samir Mustafayev, his lawyer Mahir Guliyev and public prosecutor Jeyhun Kazimov were in attendance.

 Witnesses Ramil Ibrahimov and Jeyhun Kazimov said that they did not see Samir Mustafayev attacking the journalist. Samir Mustafayev denied beating the journalist, admitting only part of the charges.

In turn, Journalist Vafa Nagi objected to it, claiming that she was insulted and assaulted by Mustafayev.

The public prosecutor requested the court to sentence the defendant to six months in jail. However the judge decided to sentence Mustafayev to six months of corrective labor. 

The journalist is dissatisfied and plans to appeal against the court decision.

On May 23 Vafa Nagi (Nagiyeva), correspondent for the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety and the Objective TV, was insulted and attacked by a man called Samir at 9:30pm as she was returning home to her apartment in Yasamal district. Vafa Nagi immediately filed an appeal with Yasamal District Police Office #28.