July 31st, 2008
Today (31 July) former correspondent of “Gundalik Azerbayjan” newspaper’s Nakhchivan regional branch Yafes Hasanov reported to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that his family was threatened by the assistant deputy of Kangarli Region Executive Power Head Kazim Gazimbayov.

“I have been subjected to pressure numerous times by the employees of National Security Ministry and police due to my professional activity. After “Gundalik Azerbayjan” was shutdown, I wanted to be engaged in small business, but it wasn’t allowed. I came to Baku to earn bread money, not because I am afraid of pressure. Now K. Gazimbayov threatens my family,” he said. 

According to Y. Hasanov, K. Gazimbayov turned off the water which came to their house for many years. “Gazimbayov told my mother that her son is working against government, he is a journalist. I will bulldozer your house and I will make your son’s life miserable when he comes to Nakhchivan,” added Gazimbayov.