November 12th, 2010
Members of election commissions, police and other executive representatives interfered in the professional activitiy of journalists during the November 7th parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.

Olke newspaper correspondent Gultakin Gahramanli was repeatedly insulted by the Narimanov Second Election Constituency (#20 Election Precinct #7) chairman, observers, and a woman who introduced herself as a mother of martyr, Gahramanli told IRFS today.
 Radio Liberty correpsondent Nushaba Fatullayeva, “Ayna-Zerkalo” newspaper correspondent Idrak Abbasov, Radio Liberty and Turan news agency Nakhchivan branch correspondent Malahat Nəsibova, IRFS and Yeni Musavat correspondent in Nakhchivan Hakimeldostu Mehdiyev, IRFS employee Shovkat Gasimova (Yusifgizi) and Rasim Aliyev all faced physical and psychological harrasment on voting day.
 IRFS observer Nizami Jafarov and Azadliq correspondent Natig Gulaliyev were expelled from the precinct and taken to Surakhani District Court by police, where they were detained for 5 hours, only released after their observer status had been annulled.