The staffs of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety spoke via telephone with the imprisoned journalists’ families on Moslem festival of sacrifice holiday and World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day eve.

While speaking via telephone, we tried to obtain information about their difficulties and their opinions regarding the pardon.

 Emin Fatullayev, the father of “Gundelik Azerbaijan” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Eynulla Fatullayev noted that, he hopes realization of the pardon and he also hopes that, his son’s name will be added to the pardon list. E.Fatullayev also added that, “Eynulla’s absence during the holiday makes us gloomy”.

 In her interview to the IRFS, “Rana Zahidova, the wife of “Azadlig” Newspaper correspondent, journalist/satiric Mirza Sakit emphasized that, “I don’t believe that, there will be any pardon, because Mirza Sakit’s name wasn’t on last pardon lists”.

R.Zahidova noted that, she is waiting impatiently for the ending of journalist’s punishment term and she also concerns about her husband’s absence during the holidays.

 “As our financial situation is very bad, we can’t pay for communal expenses which are more than 500 AZN. I can’t pay for my elder daughter’s fee tuition too”.

“I witnessed many events during the period of Azerbaijan government, so I don’t think there will be any pardon for the imprisoned journalist”. Ayanda Murseliyeva, the wife of “Azadlig” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Ganimat Zahid told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety. She emphasized that, the Editor-in-Chief’s imprisonment morally shocked her. She also added that, “thanks for the friends’ support their family doesn’t have financial problem”.

Afida Kerimova, the wife of “Mukhalifet” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Rovshan Kabirli noted that, “I don’t have concrete information about the realization of the pardon and this matter is under consideration”. Karimova also added that, “the head of the family’s absence during the holidays causes both moral and financial difficulties for them”.

In his interview to IRFS, Vagif Agazade, the father of “Mukhalifet” Newspaper correspondent Yashar Agazade told that, “his son’s absence during the holidays makes the whole family gloomy”. He also noted that, the family has financial difficulties. The imprisoned journalist’s father refused to response our question regarding the pardon matter.

According to Tahira Allahverdiyeva, the wife of “Nota Bene” Newspaper correspondent Faramaz Allahverdiyev, “The absence of family leader during such holidays of course causes both financial and moral difficulties. We have great hopes for the pardon”.

 In his interview to IRFS, Sabir Huseynov, the brother of “Senet” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Samir Sadagatoglu noted that, “The whole family is shocked because of Samir’s absence during the holidays. S.Sadagatoglu was the leader of the family. As for pardon list, Sabir Huseynov hopes that, his brother’s name will be added to the pardon list. Huseynov also noted that, “on December 20 he met with S.Sadagatoglu and he also hopes pardon realization”.

Mayila Tagiyeva, the wife of “Senet” Newspaper correspondent Rafig Tagi emphasized that, “We have moral difficulties as well as financial problems. The head of the family is under arrest. Communal expenses are increased. Our daughter suffers from foot ache. My son has already finished the school and we don’t have enough money for the preparation to high school. M.Tagiyeva who didn’t give full answer related to pardon matter, hopes the realization of the pardon.

“It will be good if M.Huseynov spends the holiday with his family”. In his interview to IRFS, Sarvar Huseynov, the brother of “Bizim Yol” newspaper correspondent Mushvig Huseynov told this. In his response to pardon matter question, he answered that, he hopes to see Mushvig Huseynov’s name in the pardon list.
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