July 18th, 2011
Today, July 18th, the journalists recently harrassed in Sharur region, lodged a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, IRFS correspondent to Nakhchvian Elman Abbasov reported. According to him, Hakimeldostu Mehdiyev also filed a complaint for the assault on his house.

Mehdiyev also says that they have been deprived of power for three days now. Not only the power supply was cut off to his car-washing service station, the power supply to his house was also cut off as the electricity pillar next to the house was brought down and removed.
IRFS correspondent to Nakhchivan Elman Abbasov and Turan Information Agency correspondent Ilgar Nasibov were assaulted by Sharur District Police Department employees while preparing news report in Jalil village of Sharur on July 15th. The journalists were beaten, their photo and video cameras were seized and the records deleted. the pressures on the journalists kicked off after the visit of “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” correspondent, political commentator Michael Ludwig to Nakhchivan. Ludwig had to leave Nakhchivan as a result of pressures imposed by local authorities. The fact that the foreign journalist was accompanied by Mehdiyev at his visit to Sadarak region disappointed the local authorities, who then decided to punish him.
 On July 13th, Sharur District Executive Power Deputy Head Aladdin Mammadov, together with several persons, arrived at IRFS correspondent to Nakhchivan Hakimeldostu Mehdiyev’s house, pressured on him and cut off the power supply to the small car-washing station run by Mehdiyev. He was again assaulted on July 15 with regard to the said issue. Elman Abbasov and Ilgar Nasibov had arrived at the scene to investigate the incident.