May 27th, 2011
Today, the Sabail District Court held a preliminary hearing on the lawsuit of Bizim Yol (“Our Way”) newspaper employee Ramid Ibrahimov against Sabail District Police Department # 9 investigator, Fazil Mahmudov. Judge Fuad Huseynov presided over the hearing.

The IRFS representative was not allowed to enter the courtroom because the hearing was closed. After the hearing, R.Ibrahimov told IRFS that he and public prosecutor Resmiyye Kazimova attended the hearing. However, nobody participated in the hearing on behalf of the defendant.
R.Ibrahimov said that it is important to clarify details of incident from the cameras set in front of Presidential Administration. He also pointed out that facts were not investigated.
After the deliberation, the Judge F.Huseynov declared his decision not to fulfill lawsuit. The journalist said that he will appeal against this decision.
While   Bizim Yol newspaper employee Ramid Ibrahimov was preparing news report from protest in front of the Presidential Administration on 12 February, he was physically assaulted by plain clothed persons. He complained to Sabail District Police Office # 9. However, his complaint was not investigated. Investigator Fazil Mahmudov decided not to launch criminal case. The journalist appealed against this decision.