Journalists rally outside Gasid Press Distribution Company

October 18th, 2012
On October 18th, a group of Azadliq and Yeni Musavat newspaper correspondents protested outside the building of the Gasid open joint-stock company. The journalist held up posters reading "Stop suppressing the press! ", "Give our money!", "Shame on those who steal journalists' money!", etc and demanded the Gasid to pay the money that the company owes to them. According to Yeni Musavat newspaper editor Rauf Arifoglu and deputy chief editor of Azadliq newspaper, Rahim Hajiyev, Gasid owes large sums of money to the newspapers.

Head of the Gasid open joint-stock company, MP Mirkazim Kazimov, promised to pay the debts before the end of this year.

The police did not interfere with the protest of journalists.

The Gasid press distribution company allegedly failed to pay more than 30,000 AZN to Azadliq newspaper, for sold newspapers. In its turn, Azadliq became indebted to the Azerbaijan printing company, which has recently warned that it may cease publishing the Azadliq unless the debt is repaid. On September 3, Azadliq was required to pay 35,000 AZN for printing and utility costs.

Yeni Musavat newspaper faces similar problems; the newspaper cannot get its 10,000 AZN from Gasid to cover the 8,600 AZN debt owed to the printing company.