December 8th, 2010
Today on the 8th of December, in the Yasamal District Court the complaint of citizen Solmaz Gadimali Shirinova against citizen Zakir Gani Huseynov was heard.

Special plaintiff Solmaz Shirinova and defendant Zakir Huseynov participated in the court hearing.
The author of the article in question ,“Yeni Musavat” newspaper employee Elshan Gadimov, did not participate in the hearing although he was invited to testify as a witness.
Judge Rzayev offered a truce to both sides in the beginning of the hearing. Defendant Huseynov Zakir said that the expressions used in the article doesn’t belong to him and that he presented written statements to the judge saying he will no longer use any harsh expressions against the plaintiff in the newspaper.
 Special Plaintiff Shirinova Solmaz said that she did not agree with this and requested that additional measures be taken.
Judge Rzayev stated that the truce offer was an option and fixed the next hearing to 9 December, at 10:00.
Citizem Solmaz Shirinova filed a lawsuit against Zakir Huseynov with Yasamal District Court under Articles 147 and 148 of Criminal Code. Shirinova claims that her honor and dignity was humiliated in the articles “Fight for Doctor Gani’s Property” (18.03.2010), “Appeals Court Judge plays the role of confessor” (21.01.2009) published on Yeni Musavat newspaper, and article “Court of Appeals says YES to shariah rules” (16.04.2009) published on Inter Plus newspaper