February 8th, 2008
Yesterday a hearing in the Appellate Court under the chairmanship of Judge Akif Isgandarov on the appeal of Baku City State Road Police Department Head G. Abbasov against "Azadlig" Newspaper was held.

The judge did not fulfill the complaint, upholding the 7 November 2007 decision of the Yasamal District Court. Lawyer Elchin Sadigov, who represented “Azadlig” Newspaper, told this to the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety.  
that Abbasov's lawsuit stemmed from Azadlig Newspaper's 17 May 2007 article "Oligarch Cop." In this article it was alleged that a Baku Road Police Office Department head by the name of Gafar Aliyev was a relative of Minister of Interior Ramil Usubov and was misusing his authority to build a high-rise building. Abbasov was seeking the publication of a refutation and the institution of a 500,000 AZN fine. Abbasov works in the same position that is referred to in the Azadlig article, although his last name is not Aliyev. G.Abbasov appealed to Yasamal District Court on 18 June 2007 asking for the newspaper to publish a refutation and for the newspaper and the author of the article to pay him 50,000 AZN in fines. The judge rejected the fines, and instead ruled only that the newspaper publish a refutation. Abbasov filed an appeals complaint against this decision.