February 4th, 2009
Today, 4 February, in the Yasamal District Court, under the chairmanship of Judge Matanat Hajiyeva, a preliminary hearing was held on the lawsuit against the assistant editor-in chief of "Korrupsiya ve Jamiyyat" Journal Mubariz Masimoglu and his acquaintance Shakir Abbasov on the basis of a criminal case conducted in the Yasamal District Court Police Department’s Investigation Department under article 221.2 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code.

The judge announced that M. Masimoglu’s motion filed on 30 January was not fulfilled and the criminal case was accepted for consideration.
M.Masimoglu put forth a motion asking the court to return the criminal case to preliminary investigation under the supervision of the prosecutor. Masimoglu noted that the criminal case was conducted unjustly. According to Masimoglu, the Yasamal District Police Department Chief Mohummet Huseynov, who used to be Shamkir Region Police Department Head, ordered to conduct this case unfairly because of six critical articles published in 2000, in "Babadag" Newspaper, under heading "Shamkir's Police have the hardest way to make money."
This lawsuit stems from a dispute which happened on a public bus between assistant editor-in chief of "Korrupsiya ve Jamiyyat" Jurnal Mubariz Masimoglu and Maleyka Asadova (note: this is not Azerbaijan's Popular Artist Maleyka Asadova) and Emil Jarchiyev in August of 2008. And a criminal case regarding the incident was opened in the Yasamal District Police Department’s Investigation Department under article of hooliganism.
The will continue on 13 February at 3:00 p.m.