May 29th, 2008
"Korrupsiya ve Jamiyyet" (Corruption and Society) Journal Editor-in-Chief Mammad Ahmadoglu addressed an appeal to the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev, President of the Heydar Aliyev Fund Mehriban Aliyeva, local law enforcement agencies and a number of local and international organizations, including the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety, about censorship being used against the periodical.

In the appeal, it is stated that after “Korrupsiya va Jamiyyet” Journal started writing a series of investigative articles about “Murphy Shipping Commercial Services Ltd.” Company head, Great Britain citizen Adeola Agbabiaka, a lawsuit was filed and censorship was applied against the journal to conceal from society the crimes mentioned in the articles. M. Ahmadoglu is seeking assistance in eliminating this censorship.  

Recall that, Great Britain citizen Adeola Agbabika and Namig Alekberov filed a lawsuit in the Yasamal District Court against "Korrupsiya va Jamiyyet" Journal and the journal's founder and chief editor Mammed Ahmedoglu. The lawsuit stems from the articles "The Judge's oath and appetite" and "How Nigerian swindler's lawsuit against the Justice Ministry was fulfilled according to 1,350,000 USD" which were run in 2007, in the ninth edition of the journal.
On 4 October 2007, during a hearing on this case in the Yasamal District Court Judge Khagani Tagiyev adopted a decision that until this case is resolved in court "Korrupsiya va Jamiyyet" Journal and the journal's Editor-in-Chief Mammad Ahmadoglu are forbidden from disseminating any material about this case or the plaintiffs Great Britain citizen Adeola Agbabiaka and lawyer Namig Alakbarov.
Editor-in-chief Mammad Ahmadoglu filed a complaint against this decision in the Appellate Court.  On 13 March Appellate Court Judge Akif Isgandarov partially fulfilled this complaint. According to this decision, with the exclusion of the articles published about Namiq Alakbarov, the ban on the dissemination of materials about Great Britain citizen Adeola Agbabiaka was annulled, but the decision adopted on 22 October was upheld. Ahmadoglu then appealed to the Supreme Court asking the court to adopt the same decision about Namig Alakbarov, but on May 14 the Supreme Court upheld the lower courts’ verdicts.