February 25th, 2010
Azerbaijan Liberal Party (ALP) Head Lale Shovket has sued Olke newspaper’s editorial office, Editor-in-chief Rafael Bejanov and journalist Orkhan Sultaneli. Lale Shovket appealed to the Yasamal District Court claiming that the newspaper called her Secret Service (KGB) agent, according to Musavat newspaper.

Olke Newspaper Editor-in-chief Rafael Bejanov told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that he found about it from the press. Bejanov noted that Lale Shovket was not called an agent in the article in question.
“In the article Lale Shovket’s reaction to Musavat Party Head Isa Gambar’s comment about several politicians being the agents of Iran and Russia was mentioned,” said Rafael Bejanov who added that the lawsuit will not be fulfilled if a fair trial takes place.
On 11017 February Olke newspaper published an article entitled “Madam.” ALP Head L.Shovket claimed that information not conforming to reality found its place in the article, and therefore, demanded that a refutation be published in the newspaper, they apologize and each pay 100 000 AZN in fines. It is noted in the lawsuit that the amount received from the defendants via court decision should be deposited into the account of special facility in Bilgah village for war and labor invalids.