July 9th, 2009
Today, 9 July, in the Narimanov District court, under the chairmanship of Judge Vugar Mammadov, a preliminary hearing was held on “Khazar-Lankaran” Football Club President Mais Masimov’s lawsuit against “FANAT.AZ” sports website project head Zahir Azamat and sports writer Natig Mukhtarli in the special format under articles 147.2 (accusing someone in grave or especially grave crimes) and 148 (insult) of the Criminal Code.

“FANAT.AZ” website project head Zahir Azamat, sports writer Natig Mukhtarli and their lawyer Khalid Bagirov, and plaintiff Mais Masimov’s authoritative representative, Palmali Company Group’s lawyer Mezahir Niftaliyev participated in the hearing.
Plaintiff’s lawyer Niftaliyev said that they are ready to rescind the lawsuit if the defendants apologize.
Defense lawyer K.Bagirov said that the legal address of the website is in the Nasimi district and put forth a motion to send the case to the Nasimi District Court.
After a small deliberation Judge V.Mammadov announced that the motion was fulfilled and a decision was adopted to send the case to the Nasimi District Court.
Claiming that his honor and dignity were insulted in Natig Mukhtarli’s column articles placed on “FANAT.AZ” sports website, Mais Masimov appealed to court.