Lawsuit filed by Yeni Musavat newspaper journalist against kindergarten director heard again

On July 25th Khatai District Court under presiding judge Raziya Atashova held a hearing on the lawsuit brought by Yeni Musavat newspaper correspondent against Sevda Almuradova, director of the kindergarten #355, journalist Atashova reported to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS).

The defendant and her lawyer did not attend the hearing. The judge announced that the countersuit filed by kindergarten director Almuradova on July 11th has been referred to the Court of Appeals. On July 11th the court denied the countersuit filed by the defendant, who noted that the information about the case published in newspapers is illegal as the trial is still ongoing. Almuradova appealed against this decision. However the court denied the appeal and referred it to the Court of Appeals for further consideration. For this reason the judge postponed the trial until her appeal is considered and a relevant decision is announced by the Court of Appeals.
 NB. Journalist Rafiyeva appealed to the court against Sevda Almuradova after she illegally expelled her 2 year-old son Amil Gurbanli from the kindergarten #335 allegedly because of Rafiyeva’s working for an opposition newspaper. Journalist Rafiyeva appealed to Khatai District Court with a claim of being insulted by the kindergarten director and asked for the restoration of her son’s rights.

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