Lawyer Fariz Namazli Questioned by Police


Lawyer Fariz Namazli was summoned to the 28th police station of Yasamal District Police Department on 2 November in connection to the incident at Baku Appeal Court on 20 October 2016 whereby a group of people assaulted the lawyer trying to injure him. According to Fariz Namazli, the assailants reported him to the 102 service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as to the 28th police station of Yasamal District Police Department claiming that he had allegedly beaten one of his female assailants. The woman underwent a medical examination that revealed thathad sustained a minor injury.

“At the police office, I told that I had not injured anyone; on the contrary, I myself was attacked and threatened in the courtroom. The camera footage from the courtroom has been presented to the police department. That footage clearly shows how the incident transpired,” Namazli said.

Background: On 20 October 2016, during a hearing in Baku Appeal Court chaired by Judge Mirzali Abbasov on the appeals brought by both the victim’s legal representative and the defendant’s lawyer against the verdict in Rasul Fazilov case,who was charged with homicide. Fariz Namazli filed a motion to conduct the hearing through a partial judicial investigation. After the court granted the motion, ,the relatives of the victim were dissatisfied by this decision. About 50 people in the courtroom began to attacked lawyer Fariz Namazli. They also dropped the court clerk’s computer from the table, and attacked him, trying to injure him. The courtroom guards could hardly pacify the attackers and they had to be escorted from the courtroom. The judge ordered the incident to be reported.


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