Lawyer is concerned for his clients’ fate

In Azerbaijan, lawyer Nemat Kerimli is concerned for the fate of his client Malik Rzayev, since he is not allowed to contact with the defendant.

Note that Rzayev has lived in Germany in recent years and took part in protests there in defense of Azerbaijani political prisoners. In June this year, he was deported, and at the end of October he was arrested on charges of large-scale drug trafficking.

As lawyer Neymat Kerimli told Turan, he has joined the defense on November 1.

“On the same day, I submitted a warrant to the investigator for the Rzayev’s case, so that he would give me a letter for meetings with the defendant,” Kerimli said.

However, in spite of the fact that this was a normal procedure, the letter was issued to him on November 3 only.

On November 4, the lawyer went to the Shuvelan pre-trial detention center.However, they told him that Rzayev had been taken to the TDF (temporary detention facility) of the Sumgayit police department.

On November 5, in the Sumgait TDF, the lawyer was told that Rzayev had been returned to the Shuvelan pre-trial detention center.

When the lawyer turned there, he was now told that Rzayev had just been taken away to the Sumgayit police again.

The lawyer noted that according to the legislation, the removal of the accused from the pre-trial detention center can be carried out only at the request of the investigator or the decision of the prosecutor.

And if a lawyer is not provided information about this decision and his client’s transfer purpose, nor meetings with him ensured, then this is a violation of the law, Kerimli believes. Kerimli noted that he is concerned for the fate of Rzayev.

The point is that earlier his other client Mutallim Orujev, arrested practically simultaneously with Rzayev and deported from Germany, complained of tortures after detention.

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