Lawyer says court decision in case of National Council leader Jamil Hasanli’s daughter is illegal


On 14 August, the cassation appeal filed by Gunel Hasanli, daughter of the opposition National Council chairman Jamil Hasanli, against the preliminary decision of the first instance court, was heard and rejected, according to her lawyer, Adil Ismayilov. The appeal proceedings will continue.


“Gunel Hasanli was sentenced to 1.5 years in jail simply for being the daughter of Jamil Hasanli under Article 263.1 of the Criminal Code by the verdict rendered on 20 February 2015 by Yasamal district court’s young judge Akshin Afandiyev, having work experience since 2013 on the basis of the two opinions, the photos of which I have put below, of young forensic expert Mushfig Hamzaliyev, who also has work experience since 2013. I, lawyer Adil Ismayilov, say this with full responsibility. The educated and experienced judges of the Baku Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court have so far justified this lawlessness. The Baku Court of Appeals has denied the request for a new forensic examination, and the Supreme Court denied my appeal against the ruling of the preliminary hearing of the Baku Court of Appeals. If after this there is someone, who still says there is an independent and fair judiciary in Azerbaijan, let him refute what I have written and prove otherwise”, stated lawyer Adil Ismayilov.

Background: National Council chairman Jamil Hasanli’s daughter was accused of hitting 86-year-old Adila Salimova with her car in Baku’s Yasamal district on 19 September 2014. On 20 February 2015, the Yasamal District Court sentenced Gunel Hasanli to serve a 1.5-year sentence in a penal facility of a settlement type. Hasanli has appealed the ruling.  


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