Leading Opposition Newspaper Azadliq Denied Financial Aid Again


According to the official website of the Fund of State Support for Development of Mass Media under President of Azerbaijan Republic (FSSDMM), Supervisory Board of FSSDMM has held a special meeting.

The meeting discussed allocation of lump-sum financial assistance to newspapers in accordance with the Presidential Order on “Allocation of One-Time Financial Aid to Newspapers Published in Azerbaijan Republic.” On July 21, President Ilham Aliyev signed an order on allocation of a lump-sum financial aid to newspapers published in Azerbaijan on the occasion of National Press day. According to the order issued, one million manat has been allocated from President’s Reserve Fund envisaged in the 2016 state budget to the Fund of State Support for Development of Mass Media in order to provide a one-time financial aid to newspapers published in Azerbaijan.

“It has been decided to allocate one-time financial assistance to the daily socio-political newspapers, which have operated consistently over many years and gained recognition among the general public, have the largest circulation, and have abode by Azerbaijani legislation and Rules of Professional Conduct for Journalists,” the website says.

The country’s leading opposition newspaper Azadliq was not among the funded newspapers. Recall that Azadliq had been receiving financial assistance from FSSDMM until 2013. Since 2013, the same newspapers are allocated financial aid twice a year, but Azadliq is kept out.

The following newspapers have been picket out to be awarded financial aid:

№ Name of publication Allocated amount
1. “Azerbaijan” newspaper 40.000 AZN
2. “Bakinski rabochi” (Baku Worker) newspaper 40.000 AZN
3. “Baku Khabar” (Baku News) newspaper 40.000 AZN
4. “525th newspaper” 40.000 AZN
5. “Ekspress” (Express) newspaper 40.000 AZN
6. “Adalat” (Justice) newspaper 40.000 AZN
7. “Khalg” (People) newspaper 40.000 AZN
8. “İki sahil” (Two Shores) newspaper 40.000 AZN
9. “Kaspi” (Caspian) newspaper 40.000 AZN
10. “Kaspiy” (Caspian) newspaper 40.000 AZN
11. “Movge” (Position) newspaper 40.000 AZN
12. “Olaylar” (Events) newspaper 40.000 AZN
13. “Palitra” (Palette) newspaper 40.000 AZN
14. “Respublika” (Republic) newspaper 40.000 AZN
15. “Ses” (Voice) newspaper 40.000 AZN
16. “Sharg” (East) newspaper 40.000 AZN
17. “Sharg gapisi” (East Gate) newspaper 40.000 AZN
18. “Yeni Azerbaijan” (New Azerbaijan) newspaper 40.000 AZN
19. “Yeni Musavat” (New Equality) newspaper 40.000 AZN
20. “Azad Azerbaijan” (Free Azerbaijan) newspaper 30.000 AZN
21. “Bizim yol” (Our Way) newspaper 30.000 AZN
22. “Exo” (Echo) newspaper 30.000 AZN
23. “Hafta ichi” (Weekdays) newspaper 30.000 AZN
24. “Khalg Jabhasi” (Popular Front) newspaper 30.000 AZN
25. “Novoye vremya” (New Times) newspaper 30.000 AZN
26. “Paralel” (Parallel) newspaper 30.000 AZN
27. “Uch nogta” (Three Dots) newspaper 30.000 A

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