Yesterday material about the press conference conducted by OSCE Special Representative on Media Freedom was presented in “Sada” news program on “Lider” TV channel.

In the material the TV channel expressed its position about opininions that were sounded in the press conference. The narrator stated, “From the statement’s Haraszti made in the press conference, it can be understood that press freedom in Azerbaijan should be measured using Agil Khalil. Forgetting about being a representative of an international organization, he expressed doubt about the progress made into the investigations into Agil Khalil’s stabbing and tried to form a ‘negative’ opinion about the investigation. In fact, Haraszti disrespected Azerbaijan’s government by interfering in its internal affairs without making any distinction. Going further, he gave a message to deliver his opinions to their destinations. One more thing that emerged in the press conference: Miklos Haraszti thanked President Ilham Aliyev for releasing some of the journalists and declared that Azerbaijan’s government has a good partnership with OSCE. In this case, his attempt to play the role of Agil Khalil’s lawyer creates a question because he has disregarded his mission as the mediator of an international organization. The area of press and speech freedom is large and doesn’t end with Agil Khalil. This means, Haraszti lacks information about the case of Agil Khalil or this is the extent of his objectivity.”

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