August 27th, 2008
“I have serious health problems and I need urgent treatment. The treatment requires a lot of expenses and these expenses exceed my financial resources.”

Well-known journalist Mahal Ismayiloglu told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety today.
On 26 August, “Turan” Information Agency Director Mehman Aliyev, “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Rauf Arifoglu, “Yeni Nesil” Journalist Union Chairman Arif Aliyev, Editor-in-chief of “Ayna” and “Zerkalo” newspapers Elchin Shikhli and “Azadlig” Newspaper Director Azer Ahmadov appealed to journalists, funds, owners and representatives of society to assist former Editor-in-Chief of “Khalg Gazeti” Mahal Ismayiloglu with his treatment. According to “Mediaforum” news site, it is noted in the appeal that M. Ismayiloglu’s life is in danger.
“Mahal Ismayiloglu, who has recently been in danger of being arrested, has serious health problems. He was placed in hospital a few days ago due to deteriorating health. As a result of a doctor’s examination, it was cleared that his ability of vessels to circulate his blood has decreased and he needs immediate heart surgery. Doctors consider this situation is very dangerous for a person who has previously had a heart attack and had heart surgery. This type of surgery should be performed in one of foreign countries according to the doctors’ advice. However, the journalist doesn’t have the financial required for this surgery,” it is written in the appeal.
M. Ismayiloglu also answered IRFS’s question regarding the criminal case put up against him. “I haven’t been given any information about this. The investigation has been extended for two more months. However, I haven’t been given any information about the case,” he said.