June 7th, 2010
Today, 7 June, Bizim Gundem newspaper editor-in-chief and “Umid” party Supreme Assembly’s former secretary, Mahammad Ersoy, called the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) hotline and reported that MP, “Umid” party chairman, Igbal Agazade threatened to attack his house. IRFS employees went to the journalist’s house immediately and were told by Mahammad Ersoy that his statement regarding a listening device that was found in the editorial-office of Khural newspaper and how he was targeted following this incident was published in today’s publication of Gundem Khabar newspaper. 

In his statement M.Ersoy expressed his attitude to a number of problems and stated that this case is a game and one of the people behind this case is Igbal Agazade.

“Today, in the afternoon, I.Agazade phoned and called me to his party’s headquarters,” said M.Ersoy. “I objected to go and told him that I was at home. He threatened me and told me that he will come to my house to settle up the issues.”

Igbal Agazade told an IRFS representative by phone that he did not threaten Mahammad Ersoy and the information that he will attack M.Ersoy’s house does not confirm to the truth.

A listening device was found in the watch Mahammad Ersoy presented as a gift to Khural newspaper’s editor-in-chief Avaz Zeynalli and M.Ersoy left “Umid” party several days after this incident.

Bizim gundem newspaper began to operate in 2007 as a daily newspaper and stopped its operation in March, 2008.