Today, April 23, in the press center of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety, “Korrupsiya ve Jemiyyet” (Corruption and Society) Journal’s Editor-in-Chief Mammad Ahmedoglu conducted a press conference on the theme “The Press Council fulfilled the order of a member of R.Guliyev’s group who blackmailed ‘Korrupsiya ve Jemiyyet’ Journal.”

“Korrupsiya ve Jemiyyet” Journal’s Editor-in-Chief Mammad Ahmedoglu spoke during the event and said that he went to the Press Council after the Chairman of the Press Council’s Commission to Fight against Racketeering Vugar Rahimzade revealed the names of racketeering newspapers to APA. At the Press Council he was told that the journal was included in the list on the basis of letters received by the organization.
“I condemn the commission for their inclusion  “Korrupsiya ve Jemiyyet” Journal on the black list through an irresponsible and unsubstantiated decision, and demand that commission members make a refutation via APA within 24 hours because the Press Council did not conduct any investigation before issuing this decision,” said Ahmadoglu. “If this does not occur, I will appeal to court and demand that compensation be paid for moral damages.
M. Ahmadoglu added that the letters sent to the Press Council were based on lies and slander and have been written at the order of Agakerim Aliyev and Ahmadli Mukhtar who have been blackmailing him and the journal.
“Korrupsiya ve Jemiyyet” Journal’s Deputy Chief Editor Mubariz Masimoglu said that the Press Council cannot call any press organ racket without conducting an investigation and without court decision.
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