Yesterday (22 July) the presentation of “Media Achari-2008” (Media Key-2008) awards in relation the National Press Day took place in the “Park Inn” hotel.

In the Reporting category “Khazar” Newspaper correspondent Nadir Azeri was given first place for his article “General Heroism Cemetery of Turkish World”. “Azadlig” Newspaper correspondent Agil Khalil took second place for his article “Unfortunate Olive Gardens”, and “Olke” newspaper employee Zahid Nuraliyev took third place for his article “The March Genocide.”

In the category Journalist Investigation, “Mukhalifat” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Rovshan Kabirli was presented the first place for his article “Voyage to Bayil from Outside”. Second place was given to “525-ji Gazet” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Rashad Majid for his article “Asad bey and Nuride khanim”. “Adalat” Newspaper correspondent Sariyya Muslumgizi was given third place for her article “Grief Followed by Grief”.

In the Publicist category the first place award was given to “Alma” Newspaper employee Jeyhun Musaoglu for his article “Their Motto: it wasn’t there yesterday, won’t be here today and will always be there”. Second place was given to “Zaman” newspaper employee Yegana Mammadova for her article “Let’s Share our Sorrows, my Sea…” and “Reyting” Newspaper employee Bahar Rustamli took the third place for her article “One hint is not enough for Wise person…” 

In the Investigative Journalism category no one took the first place. Second place was given to “Uch Nogta” Newspaper employee Elmaddin Muradli for his article “Government’s Press should be as Strong as its Army.”  Two people were presented the second place – “Azadlig” Newspaper correspondent Sanubar Ismayilgizi for her article “Live broadcasting Problems on TV Channels” and “Vatandash Hamrayliyi” Newspaper employee Anar Niftaliyev for his article “We did Break Readers’ Trust”. 

First place winners received the“Media Achari” statues, a diploma and 300 AZN, second place winners received a diploma and 200 AZN, and third place winners received a diploma and 100 AZN. 

No winners were named in the photo-illustration category. 

According to “Media Forum” News website, “Media Achari-2008” founders issued a decision to give awards to two more journalists – “Reyting” Newspaper employee Seymur Verdizade for his article “Grandmothers and Grandchildren” and “Adalat” Newspaper employee Abulfat Madatoglu for his article “(Does) boarding bus start: going to Tug from Baku.” They were each presented a diploma. 

Deceased journalists Adil Gachayoglu (for his string articles about Karabakh) and Mammad Nazimoglu (for his services in developing publicities) were also honored with two additional awards.

We note that according to the “Media Achari” regulations, awards has been presented for the best articles published in written press of Azerbaijan and presented for the competition since 1 July 2007 till 30 June 2008.  First place winners received a “Media Achari” statue, diploma and 300 AZN, second place winners received diploma and 200 AZN, and third place winners received diploma and 100 AZN. 

“Media Achari” was founded by “Yeni Nesil” Journalist Union in 1997. As of 2002, two more journalist organizations – Azerbaijan Journalist Federation and “Ruh” Committee to Protect Journalists became founders. In 2005 the League of Democratic Journalists substituted Azerbaijan Journalist Federation. On 22 July 2008 “Ruh” Committee to Protect Journalists announced that it was rejecting its role as a founder.

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