February 20th, 2009
According to Nizami Jafarov, head of the parliamentary commission on cultural issue, draft amendments to the law laws “On television and radio broadcast” and “On mass media” are being prepared.

Turan News Agency reports that this was discussed in the parliamentary commission’s meeting today.
Jafarov told Turan that proposed amendments the law “On television and radio broadcast” will affect foreign broadcasters. This has been a highly contentious issue since Voice of American, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and British Broadcasting Company were kicked off FM radio on New Years Day 2009.
Jafarov said that the amendments to the law “On television and radio broadcast” will standardize permission for foreign broadcasters to broadcast important events live, will limit the amount of advertisements on broadcast media to 12 minutes an hour, and  regulate temporary suspension and withdrawals of broadcasting licenses.
Concerning amendments to the law “On mass media”, Turan reports, citing Jafarov, that changes regarding the rights on the activity, distribution and cessation of work of the mass media have been made; it will be mandatory for Editors-in-Chiefs to have higher education, and foreigners will not be able to work in Azerbaijan as editors-in-chief.