November 19th, 2009
The Media Rights Institute is concerned about the probability that “Femida 007” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Eyyub Karimov will be imprisoned. Karimov is distinguished for his critical articles about shortcomings in the law enforcement system. The Media Rights Institute considers that the claim against him is pressure against freedom of expression and calls upon the government to prevent this serious wound against freedom of expression.

The Media Rights Institute declared in its statement that five journalists were sentenced under the defamation articles of the Criminal Code in a month. The Media Rights Institute calls on the Internal Affairs Minister to take his lawsuit against the journalist back. MRI also calls upon the Azerbaijani government to annul all inadequate decisions adopted against critical journalists and to adopt law on defamation in compliance with international measures.
Interior Minister Ramil Usubov filed a lawsuit against Eyyub Karimov under article 147.2 of the Criminal Code due to articles “Letter fancier,” and “NSM and Chief Prosecutor’s Office know well who ordered it,” which were published in Femida-007 newspaper; and “Internal Ministry inside and outside of the game,” which was published in Azadlig newspaper. If the Minister’s charges are confirmed, the editor-in-chief could be arrested for 3 years.