October 24th, 2011
The Executive Power of Ganja City Didn't Allow the Media Rights Institute to Hold Journalist Training

The Executive Power of Ganja city didn’t allow the Media Rights Institute to hold a journalism training, Media Rights Institute program coordinator Khalid Aghaliyev told IRFS today.  According to him, the Institute planned to conduct a training session for journalists to improve their professional and information skills on October 22th in Ganja, but were prohibited just one day before the planned event. Program Coordinator Khalid Agaliyev explained what happened:

“On October 21th, the Media Rights Institute was told that they must give information to the executive  power regarding the training.  We sent a letter to the executive power containing information about the training. Ruslan Garashov, an employee at the socio-political department of the executive power of Ganja city, told Media Rights Institute that  it is not advisable to hold such a training in Ganja, and asked the Institute to postpone the training. Regarding this issue, The Media Rights Institute appealed to the Presidential Administration, but its appeal yielded no result.”