July 6th, 2010

“Mediaforum” website employee Erkin Khalilov’s photo-camera, which was confiscated by civil clothed policemen on 3 July, at a protest carried out by Musavat Party and “Union for the Sake of Democracy” in front of Elmlar Akademiyasi Metro Station, has been returned to him.

“Mediaforum” Website Deputy Editor Hikmet Sabiroglu told the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety that the case was investigated in the Yasamal District Police Department under their appeal. At the end of the day yesterday, 5 July, the photo-camera was returned to Erkin Khalilov. Sabiroglu added that the police did not give any information regarding the identity of the people who confiscated the journalist’s photo-camera.


Erkhin Khalilov said that his photo-camera was forcefully confiscated and his press card was torn up by people in civilian clothing at the protest. He also pointed out that when he approached the journalists and the Yasamal District Police Office Chief to give them information about the incident, he was forced onto a bus and was removed from the protest scene and then finally released.